Top ten beatmaps to use undetectableOsu – one of best music online games

Welcome to the wheel, trainer, drum and rectangle simulator. I will be your guide to this colorful world full of circles of all kinds, Japanese songs and magical girls from Touhou.



– Platform: PC;

– Game & version: Osu.



– Score: 6/10;

– Free to win: yes.




A simple, completely free rhythm game that consists of experienced, active creators and the community that does the rest of the work, creates songs and skins.



  • Free to play, and free to win;
  • One of best music games next to Audiosurf. And it’s online;
  • Very dynamic yet smooth and flexible gameplay;
  • Runs on weak hardware.
  • Small size.



  • Game is very simple and get’s bored easily;
  • There are glitches (bugs) that weren’t fixed for years;
  • If you are not into Anime and/or this kind of music, then you should skip this title.

How to play this game no detectGame Review

The game offers 4 modes, most popular is the standard one, which consists in rolling in the on-screen wheels. Literally banging, because the pace of 800 beats per minute on difficult maps spread over two fingers is rather a lot, isn’t it? Add sliders that you not only need to click but also drag the cursor in the right direction – yes, this game also requires an amazing mouse control. Sounds frightening, at least from perspective of the reader.

Fortunately, this is not only a fast and demanding title, because there are also simple beatmaps friendly to all beginners. You are a Sunday player and you want to tap on the keys to the beat – please, all songs that are included in ranking must have simpler levels of difficulty, you will find something for yourself. You like rivalry with your friends – multiplayer gives you that possibility. You are a complete hardcore player and you always want to be the best – no problem, performance points (pp.), That are skill points, which let you compare how good you perform against other players from around the world or country.

It is a pity that all the magic of this game spills as you reach a certain level of skill – it all comes down to the farm of these points. And this point, game is annoying. Why? Simply, it kicked in the beginning (one miss – goodbye, you can only try again if you want to advance in ranking). This leads to situations where 92% accuracy and full combo (no misses) has more points Than the player with 99.72% accuracy and one box in the middle of the song because he flies his hand :). That’s why, game of distracting skills turns into a game of neurosis for players. The more experienced you can play with hindrances that also affect your score. The Doubletime mode is the most influenced one, with the 1.5x increase in speed.

There would be nothing unusual about it if wasn’t much more valuable than other modes. With this “hamper” you turn out astronomical amounts of much points, people playing much harder songs without Doubletime mode aren’t that well paid. What leads to the bizarre situation is that some players, despite really amazing results are very low in the ranking, Bikko is a perfect example.

The next mode is Taiko, based on the PS3 game Taiko no Tatsujin. A little more circles than usually, in addition, little difference in color, each color requires pressing other keys. But you do not have to aim for it with mouse. I did not play too much, so I do not judge, but I guess it is ok. The third mode, commonly liked and hated at the same time is Catch the Beat, commonly known as the trainer simulator. You catch fruits in rhythm of music. And that’s all. Its hated by some because it doesn’t require you to click anything and does not require such “rhythmic skill” as other modes do.

The last, most difficult mode is Mania, another VSRG (Vertical Scrolling Rhythm Game). Maybe can be associated with stepmania. It is actually stepmania in another setting. There are several columns in which notes fall, and each column is assigned a separate key. It is divided into two modes – 4k and 7k / 8k (the rest does not matter, practically only 4fun). 4k is a four column mode, but that does not mean it’s easier than 7k because it only focuses on other elements. At 4k, the most important is speed, at 7k reading ability. It is easy to look at the four columns of notes, but as the notes fly fast it does not help them to click. The opposite is 7k. Mode suffers from small number of ranking charts, especially difficult, but there is a lot of good quality unranked modes, just try to find one. I recommend VSRG, it has a good point system (depending more on accuracy than combo), generally gives a lot of fun although it requires the greatest sense of rhythm amongst all. If you get well with this mode, I can safely call you rhythmic scavenger, trust me. The level of difficulty can be frightening at first, but you will soon laugh that last week you could not go through this map.

And this is the mania. You will not guess how long the interval between these notes is. One thirteenth second :P.




Recommended Hardware Requirements:

  • CPU: Intel Pentium III or AMD Duron 2.0GHz and better;
  • Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce 6500 or Radeon 7000 64mb and better;
  • VRAM: 64 MB;
  • RAM: 512 MB.

Osu Relax Hack Cheat Bot Multi Tool Download

Game like Audiosurf but better

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  • Flashlight (disables flashlight mod options). It wasn’t not needed in my opinion. However, when we found how easy it was to change the value (it wasn’t encoded), I couldn’t stop myself.
  • Osu Multi (contains micro features that you launch upon pressing buttons from F1 to F6, more information in the tab with help).
  • Auto Click (it automatically clicks when cursor meets the target).
  • Aimbot (aims for the target but doesn’t click). More like a mod hack.
  • Disable options of the hidden mod.
  • Enable auto spinners. Might be laggy.
  • Disable options of double time mod.

Osu Cheat supports many platforms

Best tricks and tips

We wrote our application in a widely used, cross-platform language. Therefore, our Tool supports the following platforms.

  • Microsoft Windows.
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How to Hack Osu Multi Tool

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  4. Unarchive it with something, for example, WinRAR.
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Requirements of Osu Bot

How to win double mode in this anime game

Fulfil these demands. It’s important. Better than commenting, that you try to, and it doesn’t work. List of specifications.

  • You need any up to date, modern windows (not 95 or server obviously). It supports multiple platforms, but regardless of it, you should Download Osu Cheat (PC version).
  • Auto might require you to install Microsoft Framework. However, most users have this installed already. For XP, the newest version available is 3.
  • WinRAR or another tool to extract hack bot from the archive. Make sure you don’t run it from inside the archive, or it won’t work!
  • The internet and admin access to files.

Is Osu worth it as an music title

Any person accustomed to the ds by nintendo game professional defeat brokers will truly feel mindful of game game is. For anyone practical functions. A replicate in the above mentioned video game. But is very cost-free. Before gamers may start playing.

They should down load independent documents known as beatmaps by hands place them within the directory the sport was put in to. Luckily. You will find tutorials additionally to online video training establishing every little thing in the issue website.

A quick tutorial points out the sport essentials gamers should just click communities on-screen. Push balls throughout and rewrite their computer mouse pointer in communities when specific spinners show up. Aside from this fundamental motion fashion.

You can find 3 far more unique methods available. Taiko can be quite a variant comforting hack osu bot that requires gamers hitting a couple of tips (or both jointly) as communities differ from the most effective left inside the display.

Catch the overcome is actually a multi tool straightforward setting where fresh fruit falls arriving when using the selected beatmap’s music. Players must position on their own under the slipping fruits and get these with their basket. Game mania looks like electric guitar hero or defeat mania.

Participants have to match their flow across numerous remarks inside the song.

If multi tool doesn’t work, please let us know. We are human, and we are not capable of making errorless applications. Apart from that, we have aimed to provide cross-platform functionality, which may result in many errors depending on the platform you use and the version of your OS. Enjoy Osu Cheat Mania!

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